We have more than ten years experience in designing, installing and maintaining all sizes and complexities of Local and Wide Area Networks, wired and/or wireless.
Our Microsoft certified staff will allow you to concentrate on the core operations of your business in the safe knowledge that your computer network is being expertly managed by us when, and only when you need.
We will assist in all areas of the planning, design, installation and maintenance of all sizes of networks, our partnership alliances with Hewlett Packard, Dell, Cisco, Draytek and others ensures that your solution is based on proven industry standard technologies from the leading players with bullet proof backup support.

We were early users and installers of this exciting technology, which harnesses the widespread availability of broadband internet.

Several of our clients have experienced savings running to tens of thousand of pounds per year in inter-office communication costs.

This technology allows a company to link its sites, home-workers and possible suppliers via an internet link at a fraction of the cost of leasing fixed lines from BT.
The technology harnesses the power of the internet to allow communications between remote sites irrespective of distance. We have a reference site, which has linked the Head Office in Huddersfield to its manufacturing subsidiary in Lithuania and branch office in London!

This would have previously cost in the region on £90K per annum to rent a leased line. We installed a VPN link between the two sites and the client realised cost savings of £87K per annum!!
To take advantage of this technology you do not need to operate in more than one country, the cost of this technology means that much less glamorous connections are now very cost effective!

Five of the reasons why we are the right choice for your Network and Hardware project:

We are specialists in Internet Business and e-Commerce.

Our web sites are logically developed through a clear and transparent 5-phase design process.

Our team is a mixture of marketers and technicians.

We listen and advise; we never preach.

We understand technology and how to apply it.

Tailor Made IT Testimonial

"When starting my business my priorities were to service existing clients whilst attracting new customers. Tailormade dealt with my IT infrastructure and even updated my corporate look. This enabling me to maintain my focus on the true issues effecting my business."

Chris Carroll - Torsion Design