With over ten years experience of developing bespoke databases in a variety of industries, we can provide you with a personalised program which exactly fits your business model.  

Our unique blend of skills allows us to combine our accountancy and business management experience to ensure that the program you buy is exactly what your business needs.

We employ the latest Power Programming techniques to ensure your application meets your needs as quickly as possible and start to contribute to the profitability of your company.

Our own lean structure allows us to keep our charges below industry standard while still supplying robust, business aligned, solutions.
Our list of satisfied clients operate in a diverse range of industries from small auction houses to polythene bag manufacturers to suppliers of clothing to major high street retailers.

Our flagship package, Crystal, was developed specifically for the garment manufacturing industry. It has been successfully implemented in every client who saw it and in each case has made a significant contribution to the efficiency and profitability of the company.

The majority of data loss situations are recoverable. If the drive has simply stopped functioning or the drive has completely crashed - we can get the data back. We have experience of recovering data from most types of media, and from many physically damaged disks.
If you are a business with critical data loss, or a student with missing work - we can help you. Most causes of data loss are from hardware problems that can be recovered, or software problems such as botched installs or virus infection. We have helped both business and home users recover data they thought had been lost forever.

Five reasons why we are the right choice for your Database project:

We are specialist Power/programmers

Our programs are developed live with the customer.

Our team of professionals harness both business and technical skills.

Your business needs will always determined our advice.

Jargon free solution delivery.

Tailor Made IT Testimonial

"Life on the high street is becoming increasingly competitive. Whilst all Companies need to maintain a lean structure the need for internal controls is of equal importance. We believe that the systems developed by ourselves in conjunction with Tailormade satisfy both conditions superbly."

Mike Kelly - QRI